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With Square Group you get sturdy safety guarding protection for your employees and property. Our fast quoting process and quick turnaround times will help your facility stay in compliance with OSHA standards.

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Leaders in Workplace Safety

Square Group is a trusted source of your guarding projects. With a combined experience of over 40 years in the safety field, we excel in manufacturing and servicing all kinds of areas where safety is required. Our customers and their employees’ and assets’ safety are our top priority.

We provide industrial fencing and guarding solutions with the help of very experienced and dedicated staff members. Our mission is safety. No project is too big or too small for us. We don’t shy away from custom solutions or standardized projects and we value our customers’ trust, never taking it for granted!


Square Group develops perimeter guarding that is modular, flexible, strong, and adjustable. While our standard components include 5 heights, our team can also provide custom solutions tailored to your project needs.

5 feet/ 6 feet/ 7 feet/ 8 feet/ 10 feet

  • Hinge Gates Right Hand
  • Hinge Gates Left Hand
  • Double Hinge Gates Left Hand
  • Slide Gates Right Hand
  • Slide Gates Left Hand
  • Double Slide Gates
  • Panels Hinged Right
  • Panels Hinged Left
  • Double Panels
  • Double Panels Hinged Right
  • Double Panels Hinged Left
  • Polycarbonate Panels
  • Solid Steel Panels
  • Weld Screen Panels
  • Special Type Panels
  • End Posts
  • Center Posts
  • Corner Posts
  • 3-Way Posts
  • 3-Way/ Hinge Panel Posts
  • 4-Way Posts
  • Hinge Gate Posts
  • Hinge Gate/ Hinge Panel Posts
  • Hinge Gate Latch Posts
  • Center Bracket w/o Side Mount
  • Center Bracket 2 Side Mounts
  • Center Bracket 1 Side Mount
  • Corner Bracket w/o Side Mount
  • Top Support Double Channel
  • Side Support Double Channel